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Gaj mizarstvo d.o.o. is a family-run business, now in its third generation. The company’s main activity is the manufacture of wooden flat handles for paintbrushes. All our products are made exclusively from beech wood. We are FSC® certified, which means that the beech wood comes from responsibly managed forests. In addition to flat brush handles, we also produce butcher blocks and worktops.

Our company has a 100% raw material utilisation rate, using the leftover raw material to produce wood briquettes, wood chips for smoking meat, and charcoal. We use the biomass residues to heat our own production, paint shop and wood drying kilns.

Our story began in 1969 with the founding of the company. At that time, Stanislav Jakič set out on his own and started working in the woodworking business. He made wooden sticks for hangers and butcher blocks for slicing and chopping meat. In 1976, he expanded his production to include the manufacture of handles for paintbrushes.


After his retirement in 1984, his son, Stane Jakič, took over the craft and continued to make butcher blocks and wooden handles for brushes. Throughout his forty years of work, he continued to upgrade and modernise production. He was always thinking about how he could reduce a production step, and many an idea came to him that he later put into practice. Initial production was almost manual, but now it is fully automated.


In 2017, after the retirement of Stane Jakič, his daughter Tina Nahtigal took over the management of the company. She continues the work of her predecessors, also with an eye to modernising some other production steps.

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